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The March 3rd Carnival of HR? – When’s That?

Posted by Mark Bennett on February 24, 2010

Drink up, little fella!

That’s right! The March 3rd Carnival of HR is fast approaching. No sooner have you just got off the train for the special February 24th Undercover Boss Carnival of HR, when it’s time to hop on this one!

March is known for many things: it comes in like a lion, yet goes out like a lamb. The Ides of March was not the best time for Julius Caesar. A Madness of sorts takes hold of basketball fans during March. But, perhaps the most popular thing associated with March is the one about drinking serious amounts of alcoholic beverages. You got it – St. Patrick’s Day. And what do we most associate with St. Patrick’s Day? Right again! Hangovers!

There are various forms of hangovers (of which you may have experienced one or more or a combination of):

  1. My head is throbbing.
  2. Dude, where’s my car?
  3. Where am I? How did I get here?

What happened? How did we get here?

There are striking parallels in organizations, and it doesn’t even have to involve alcohol. Trish McFarlane touched on this subject recently, presenting a scenario reminiscent of the plot of “The Hangover” i.e. you suddenly find yourself in a unusual situation that initially makes no sense and you have to piece together the events that led up to it.

You’ve probably experienced a situation where a crisis has developed and no one really knows how it happened. Even if they do know how it happened, they don’t know why the policies or procedures are present that triggered the crisis; it just “has always been done that way.” Or finally, there’s the “no one remembers or is still left who knows” why we’re doing things this way. It’s a sort of organizational amnesia and the organizational “roofies” that cause it can be ill-conceived layoffs and restructurings, over exuberant initiatives, etc. The “hangover effect” is real and can last a long, long time.

So for this upcoming Carnival of HR, see if you have a post that relates to the “Hangover Effect” no matter how. If not, don’t worry, send in a post anyway and we’ll add it to just increase the general chaos (laugh to yourself as people try to fit it into the theme.) Send in a post from the previous two weeks to me: mark [dot] bennett [at] oracle [dot] com by the end of your day March 1st. Thanks!

Alan Garner: Hey what’s that on your arm?
Stu Price: Oh my God – Phil, you were in the hospital last night.
Phil Wenneck: Yeah, I guess I was.

– “The Hangover”

Beer Photo by Zervas

5 Responses to “The March 3rd Carnival of HR? – When’s That?”

  1. Here are the post submissions I have received so far. A heartfelt thanks to those who have already sent a post in. If your name isn’t on here, it means I haven’t received your email:

    Michael Haberman
    Drew Tarvin
    Magdalena Meller
    Kelly Dingee
    Gautam Ghosh
    Prasad Oommen Kurian
    Benjamin McCall
    Kevin Eikenberry
    Naomi Bloom
    Wally Bock
    Jason Seiden
    Jacob Flanagin
    Melissa Prusher

    Don’t be left out! You will be in some awesome company with this carnival! Please send your post in today.



  2. […] asked last week for posts about this theme (and posts outside the theme as well) and we did get some! A heartfelt […]

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