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The March 7th Leadership Development Carnival is up!

Posted by Mark Bennett on March 8, 2010

Go check out the new March 7th Leadership Development Carnival. Dan McCarthy has gathered together over 40 top posts, putting them in an Academy Award categories format. Dan introduces each submission with a brief description to help you decide if you want to read it.

Some notable posts include: Art Petty‘s Leadership Caffeine-Learning to Lead in the Project-Focused World, Jason Seiden‘s Your Job Sucks? Really? I’m Shocked. Oh, Wait: No I’m Not, Anne Perschel‘s Fixing the Hole in the Corporate Soul, Jason Reid‘s Multi-tasking – doing things badly in twice as much time, and our own Amy Wilson‘s Pay for Performance is Dead…almost.

This is a terrific opportunity for you to get a great sample of a variety of perspectives, thinking, and just plain good writing. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a great blog you never heard of before.

One Response to “The March 7th Leadership Development Carnival is up!”

  1. Mark –
    A belated thanks for the mention, and for your team’s usual outstanding contributions!

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