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Congratulations Amy on an outstanding TEDTalk

Posted by Meg Bear on March 4, 2010

While I didn’t get to go to the talk I did get to hear people raving to Amy about how interesting it was (and ask a lot of questions about Paul!).

Her photo was in regular rotation during the breaks at TEDActive.  So now, not only can she forever say that she gave a talk at TED, she was also a prominent background for others TED memories as well.

Yes, I’m consumed with jealousy and pride.    Awesome stuff Amy, you rock girl!

photo credit: Jenny Yang

2 Responses to “Congratulations Amy on an outstanding TEDTalk”

  1. Amy Wilson said

    Thanks Meg! So thoughtful of Marieme and Jenny to stand in front of it! Marieme and Jenny are both very fascinating people by the way:

    Among many other things, Marieme works with young African girls to get them tweeting:

    Jenny is a TED translator and though I don’t understand (much) of her website, I’m sure it is way cool:

  2. Vivian Wong said

    How wonderful – Congratulations Amy!!!!

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